Draft Maps

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September 4 Update: The Council voted 4-0 to introduce an ordinance selecting map 106b as its preferred map. A final second reading of the ordinance and vote on adoption is scheduled for September 18.

August 21 Update: The Council made a preliminary selection of map 106b as its preferred map. Public comment on this map (and the related election sequence) is encouraged at the Council’s next public hearing, on September 4th.

July 24 Update: Updated draft maps reflecting Council at the July 17 Council meeting are now posted. They are maps 101b and 106b.

The original and post-July 17 “Focus” draft maps are now available both in PDF format (for printing and including the demographics of the districts) and on the Interactive Review Map that will allow you to zoom in and out to see map details.

After you have reviewed the initial draft maps shown below, please share your thoughts on the draft maps, by letter, by email, or at an upcoming public hearing. Or visit the “Draw a Map” page and to draw a new map proposal.

Link to the Interactive Review Map

Links to PDF maps and demographics for post-July 17 “Focus” maps:

Draft 101b

Draft 106b

Links to PDF maps and demographics for earlier draft maps:

Draft 101

Draft 102

Draft 103

Draft 104

Draft 105

Draft 106

Proposed Election Year Sequencing Report (updated 7/10/2018)

(The sequencing options for 101b and 106b are the same as for 101 and 106.)